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El3osba (Arabic for: The League) is an Egyptian comic book about an Egyptian superhero team with 6 main superheroes: Alpha - Horus - Microbusgy - Walhan - Mariam - Kaf  

The first issue of El3osba launched in 2015, with now a total of 4 issues comprising the first story arc of the series and introducing the main characters and the first villain, with 3 additional spin-offs as part of “El3osba presents” line focusing primarily on one character each.

The first issue has been translated to English and is available to order through Amazon and read on Kindle.

Welcome to El3osba universe

The team

John Maher


Writer and Co-founder in El3osba.
Writer/Co-Founder in Rob3 Tayer Theatrical crew.
Software Engineer who's currently located in Egypt and working as Scrum Master/Project Manager in a lot of well known middle east startups such as Swvl, ElMenus, Vezeeta. Also Ex-iOS Developer.

Ahmed Raafat


Egyptian comic book artist currently based in the UK. As well as being co-creator of El3osba, he has co-created a noir comedy series with Australian writer Tim Stiles, Gorilla My Dreams, about the adventures of anthropomorphic detective/superhero gorilla, which has been on-going since 2016. Ahmed has also been actively involved in the independent comics scene for the past 4 years, and his work has been featured in Image comics, Fantaco and Source Point Press, among others.

Maged Raafat


Writer and Co-founder at El3osba.
He graduated from Dental school in Egypt and is currently studying to obtain his practice license in the U.S

Aside from Dentistry, Maged writes poetry and small articles commenting on Social/Political issues.
He has a deep passion for Collecting comic book art / statues and videogames.

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